Altima Smart Wax System


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Altima Smart Wax SystemAltima Smart Wax System

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Altima is the first and only computerized smart wax production system in the world!

  • Easy touch operation
  • Monotoring the production by the production support system
  • Knowledge management – data management
  • New worker can start working from day one with already stored parameters
  • Parameters & wax shooting skill is built as the company database
  • Height control Z axis adjustable clamping pressure point
  • Ultimate smooth slide for nozzle center
  • less shrinkage
  • Equal weight of wax
  • High production
  • Assist mode
  • User friendly
  • IC tag
  • Paper-less work by the production support system
  • Strong machine for heavy production
  • Reliable for production
  • No retouch – no repair – no air bubble
  • Auto preheating
  • Waxnet
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Altima Smart Wax System

Altima Smart Wax System

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